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Our philosophy is first and foremost to promote our own experience, personal reporting, TIPS, news and TOP events live. Based on our many years of experience in this segment, we would like to experience the events ourselves, if possible in terms of time, in order to guarantee personal experience, our many years of know-how in text creation and addressing, photos with our own rights of use as well as target-group-specific, emotional reporting. Therefore we offer the following alternatives to publish information (as BLOG):

1. personal participation at the event by at least 1-2 ICJ employees and thus direct guaranteed reporting, e.g. as a live BLOG ( within 12 hours ) or as a static BLOG ( within 1-4 weeks, depending on the extent )

Basically only own photos are used for reporting. These two BLOG forms have PRIORITY according to our philosophy (authenticity). The texts are usually short, "decorated" with an extensive photo show. Hereby we guarantee that our mostly younger target group uses www.icj-mm.de intensively. Time demands short, concise information (text) paired with visual performance (photos).

2. publication of press releases in the ICJ news section, which we consider relevant for our readers. The value is determined by the editorial staff. No guarantee for reporting. (Please send your press release exclusively to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


ICJ mice magazine

Since 1986

Markets, people, the environment and much more change over the years, as does the MICE market.

Editorial emphasis is placed on presentations that are sustainable in their information, i.e. also apply over a longer period of time. The quality-conscious optical claim aims at a high emotional impression.

The result is a serious format between lifestyle and trade magazine that presents itself to the reader in a stylish, entertaining, informative, creative and critical way.

Target-oriented marketing concept: The recipients of the ICJ mice magazine are decision-makers who are actively involved in the planning and organisation of MICE activities such as incentive trips, incentive competitions, congresses, conferences and events. It provides sound information for incentive and congress decision-makers in industry, for incentive and congress agencies, for travel agencies, sales and advertising agencies and for the tourism industry.

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